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2022 Dodge Challenger Becomes a 1968 Dodge Charger: The ExoMod C68 Carbon is the Evolution of Pro Touring

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September 1, 2022

From the unforgettable, iconic chase scene in 1968’s Bullitt, where Steve McQueen’s Lieutenant Frank Bullitt chases a pair of hit men prowling the streets of San Francisco in their menacing, black 1968 Charger….To Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke’s ‘General Lee’ in the Dukes of Hazzard, Dodge’s second-generation Charger has been one of Hollywood’s go-to American muscle cars for more than 50 years.

Now, eXoMod’s Vintage Muscle Series gives you the opportunity to combine those classic bodies from the silver screen with 21st-century automobile technology with the C68 CARBON. The C68 CARBON is a modern Supercar, with old school soul.

eXoMod takes a high-performance, modern Dodge Challenger Hellcat and re-skins it in carbon fiber to recreate a classic American muscle car. The C68 CARBON has all the conveniences and performance of a brand-new 21st century automobile, while retaining all the style and soul of an automotive classic.

“After completing a no-expense-spared ProTouring build, using the very best of aftermarket parts, at the end of the day we found that it was still 50+ year old technology that proved finicky, unreliable and less than enjoyable to drive,” Rick Katzeff, eXoMod CEO, said. “We believed the elusive car was within our reach, that quintessential combination of reliability and high-performance, coupled with the iconic look of one of America’s most beloved rides.”

 “Our production team has more than 50 years of experience in the muscle car industry, building some of the world’s finest and highest scoring concourse restorations and custom ProTouring Restomods. We saw a need for a more contemporary approach to custom-car building.”

As part of that approach, eXoMod teamed up with the best carbon designers and producers in the USA, to build a bespoke, custom carbon fiber body from aircraft-quality materials on the fastest production-car powertrain available. The C68 CARBON exoskeleton yields a lighter, stronger, faster, and most importantly, a more beautiful car, that without question, is broad-shouldered and unabashedly American.

“The eXoMod objective is to provide you with an unparalleled ride – a pure, visceral, and exclusive experience anytime the mood strikes,” Katzeff said. “Whether you pick 707 or 807 horsepower, a muscle car has never been so obsessed with capturing and keeping you in the moment.”

We are low-production custom builders that sell turn-key, all carbon fiber bodied cars.

Speak to our customer concierge today at (724) 517-4499 or online: or social: @exomodcarbon or email: